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Text for Tired Eyes:
I could spend a lifetime
exploring the galaxies of your skin.
I could chart and map, name and discover
every constellation of birthmarks, freckles, scars and lines. 
Through the telescopes of my eyes 
I am memorizing the stars that decorate your back.
I, the intrepid and uncompromising explorer
and you, the galaxy of skin lying inside
the universe of this bed. 
At any given moment there lives on you and me a blanket of flesh,
twenty square feet and six pounds heavy
that separates your heart from mine. 
The you that I touch at this given moment
is changing and the countdown to starting over has already begun. 
The we that we will touch, a month from this day will be entirely new;
with each breath we shed the fingerprints and residue of our past,
as the promise of beginning again grows silently and stubbornly atop us.
It will be on that new landscape that I explore.
I will row down the rivers of tears as they form canyons in the laugh lines
on the corners of your mouth. I will plant a flag,
my flag, on the tallest peak of your perfect lips.
Once done I will stand proud, posing for a photo that will never be taken.
I will crawl, hands and knees if I must
over the archipelagos of goosebumps that I left
haphazardly in the wake of my travels.
Will I rest in the hollow below your throat?
Will I drag myself across the flat desert of your stomach
and beg for water or will I float on the ocean of water
as you slip into the bath; your skin the soft sand of the sea floor?
Perhaps every freckle is a footprint I left behind,
every birthmark the remains of a fire I lit
to keep myself warm as night fell across
the geography of your body.
I have the patience, the love and the curiosity
but time is running out. 
The exploring I do this day, the discoveries,
the flags planted and the footprints I leave
will be washed clean as once again you shed the layers
you can no longer carry.
I, the intrepid and uncompromising explorer
will never stop exploring you,
the galaxy of skin and geography of flesh
lying inside the universe of this bed.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-


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